I’m Going To #BlogOnToys! Introduce Yourself Linky.

I’m Going To #BlogOnToys! Introduce Yourself Linky.

Hello and happy hump day! Thank you ever so much for popping by My Little Brushneen Blog. In today’s post you’ll find out a little more about me with my entry for the BlogOnToys introduce yourself linky.

I’m super duper excited to be heading to Manchester very soon to attend the next BlogOn Conference and toy awards #BlogOnToys which is set to be an incredible event being held at Hotel Football on Sunday the 16th of September.

This will be my 2nd BlogOn conference as I attended BlogOnX back in May and truly had such a wonderful time, I knew straight away I wanted to be at the next. So much time, dedication and hard work is put into these fantastic conferences held for bloggers by bloggers and I really don’t think I could be anymore excited. Not only do we get to hear and learn from talented and inspirational speakers, meet with the amazing fellow bloggers and brands attending and check out the top toys entered in the toy awards ( and that’s just a little of what’s on offer) we also get to take away the most astounding goody bags which just keep getting better and better.

I’m really looking forward to mingling with both new and familiar faces but until then here are my answers…

Share a recent Photograph (a recent one so people can recognise you!)

This is me, completely and totally awkward at taking selfies!

What is the best thing about blogging?

There are so, so many great things about blogging, I’ve always found writing a very effective way to express how I’m feeling and incredibly therapeutic especially during my more anxious times. I love to write about a variety of things, from random musings to family days out and capturing and documenting our special and treasured memories. I love the idea of having it to look back on in years to come. The best thing about blogging for me is that it gives you a platform to express yourself and it’s so versatile. Whether you want to focus on a specific niche or enjoy writing about a number of topics it’s your space to do whatever you choose, to be as creative as you like and share what matters to you. That’s really quite wonderful.

• What was your dream job when you was growing up?

Hmm….you mean as well as wanting to be in an outrageously famous girl band! When i was really little I used to love playing schools and being the teacher and I had a fair few career interests whilst growing up, from joining the army to childcare to working with animals. Nearer the end of secondary school I wanted to become a physiotherapist working particularly within the sporting industry but the truth is I’m not sure I was ever really certain of what I wanted to do or what my dream job was until I was introduced to what I’m still doing now which is beauty therapy.

• What is your lucky number?

Number 4.

• What is your favourite season?

I do enjoy all the seasons but I absolutely love Autumn. The beautiful changing colours of the leaves, fall fashion – for me its just so much more relaxed, I love wrapping up in chunky knits, coats and scarves (it’s so much easier to hide the mum tum), I prefer the makeup and nail colours and trends, autumnal walks, Halloween, bonfire night and the excitement for chrisrmas building. Everything just feels so much more cosy and I love it!

• If you had to choose one what would your favourite dish from the Chinese be?

We do love a Chinese and although many may consider this as not very adventurous it is the dish I order over and over again so therefore the one that has to be chosen as my favourite is a chinese chicken curry.

• What is your useless talent?

Wow this is hard…I don’t think I really have one! If I think of anything I’ll update you…is procrastination a useless talent? It’s probably more of a flaw really isn’t it haha!

• If you could keep any animal as a pet what would you choose?

I love owls and not just because of Harry Potter although I would be tempted to call mine Hedwig! They are incredibly beautiful and fascinating creatures.

• Which one meal would you eat forever? (If you had to choose one)

Sausage and mash! It’s been my favourite meal since childhood! Simple, homely and filling.

• What is the last thing you check before you lock the front door?

That I have my phone and purse.

• If you won £50.000 What would be the first thing you would buy?

Right now the first thing i would do is book a family holiday to Disneyland Florida. I can’t put into words how much it would mean to me to be able to take our little lady to Disney and to create such amazing memories woth my loved ones, it’s the dream, it’s my dream.

• What is your favourite social media channel?

Despite the more recent issues with algorithm and engagement I would still have to choose Instagram as my favourite although i am enjoying Twitter more and more.

• Tell us more about your best ever holiday?

I have loads of fond memories of childhood family holidays which we spent in Wales, Devon and Cornwall. I first ventured abroad just a few years back on a cruise around the carribean which was absolutely amazing but the first holiday that came to mind when reading this question was just a few months back in June, just after our wedding we spent a week in Cornwall, which is one of our most favourite places to visit, one of my happy places. We named it our familymoon and it was actually the first holiday we had just me, Luke and our little monkey and although it wasn’t the most extravagant break away we had the most wonderful time spending quality family time together in beautiful places in glorious sunshine reminiscing on our special day and just enjoying being together.

• Name one cake you rock at baking?

That would have to be the classic Victoria sponge. It’s my favourite to bake and my favourite to eat!

Which session are you most looking forward to?

I’m really excited for the understanding the toy industry session with Vicki Marler-Hausen. One thing I’m interested in doing more of is toy reviews and so having the opportunity to learn more about the industry and how us as bloggers can be of use will be so very helpful.

• What is your favourite book ever?

The Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkien.

Which special event is your favourite? (Halloween, Christmas etc.)

Christmas! Autumn may be my favourite season but Christmas is definitely my favourite event, it is the most wonderful time of the year after all. The festive season is full of excitement, joy, celebration and feels so magical and for me that feeling has grown so much more since becoming a parent.

• If the internet vanished right now how would you share your messages or life story without a blog?

Without a blog I would be most likely to continue to write down my musings, thoughts, interests and my experiences through journaling. It’s something i used to do alot before blogging because of my love for writing and my obsession for stationary. Sharing it though would be a lot more difficult and I would probably say I’d be more likely to keep it private. That’s another thing that’s great about blogging and the internet, it allows you to get it out there and gives you that opputunity to reach, discover and connect with so many others.

So there we have it! Are you going to BlogOnToys? Let me know in the comments and if you see me on the day please come and say hi!

Thank you so much for reading,



BlogOnX – Introduce Yourself Linky

BlogOnX – Introduce Yourself Linky

Hello lovely ladies and gents, if it’s your first time visiting My Little Brushneen Blog I’m Kayleigh, 29, mummy, fiancee, beauty therapist and blogger. I blog about a variety of things but mostly focus on our family life, lifestyle and beauty.

I still consider myself as fairly new to the blogging world, first taking the plunge and posting online in May 2017. I say this alot but I can’t quite believe how quickly the time has flown by, it’s been almost a year since I started sharing our adventures and thoughts through my blog.

In that time I’ve discovered some truly amazing, fabulous and extremely talented bloggers and made some lovely friends through blogging that have supported me and my little blog and inspired me to really give this a go!

I loved seeing the posts and pics of last year’s Blog on meets, what an amazing opputunity it is to get to know fellow bloggers, learn more, liase with brands and make some lovely new friends. I seen tickets for BlogOnX advertised on social media and just couldn’t resist! Although I’m super nervous I am also super excited to be attending and I can’t wait to meet you all!!!

BlogOnX Introduce Yourself Linky Questions

It doesn’t matter if you are a veteran blogger or you started your blog yesterday we would love for you to join in!

Share a recent photo of yourself – One of the most recent, messy hair and all but I just love the little ones smile.

What’s your favourite pizza topping?

Hmm…good question, for me It has to be a hearty meat feast! It’s a family favourite in our household and definitely the one I tend to opt for the most.

You can have dinner with any three guests dead or alive- who do you choose and why?

Oh there are so many! Right now I would choose Kate Middleton because quite simply I just really admire her, for what she does along with her lovely hubby, the Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry heading the heads together campaign and for the awareness that brings for mental health and the support that’s out there. I also just think she’s fabulous and she seems the sort of woman that just takes everything in her stride and that she’d always have the perfect advice! Along with Kate I’d invite …Leonardo DiCaprio – I would love to talk to him about his experience within the film industry and he just seems so darn cool! Lastly I’d invite Leigh Francis aka Keith Lemon just because he’s hilarious and actually I’m interested to know what he’s like out of character…whoa what a night that would be!

Up to now what would you consider being your biggest life achievement?

Without a doubt our beautiful little baby girl.

If you woke up tomorrow as a character from any Disney film or book who would you be and why?

Well for thus weekend I would be Mary Poppins! Then not only could I travel in with my umbrella but also waltz in with a dance and a song and with that magical bag I would have no worries about packing the amazing goody bags haha!

What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

Check my phone for the time, I rarely set an alarm as we have our very own little human one that is impeccably consistent.

If you won the lottery what would be the very first thing you would buy and why?

A big family holiday, probably to Disneyland Florida oh that would be so amazing …I should maybe start doing the lottery, got to be in it to win it and all that.

What is your favourite quote from a movie?

“Venture outside your comfort zone, the rewards are worth it” – Rapunzel, Tangled.

If you were a superhero what would your super power be?

Super speed because I hate being late and we’d have more time to get ready.

What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given?

Worrying won’t stop that bad stuff from happening but it will stop you from enjoying the good.

Which emoji do you use the most?


If you could go back in time and tell yourself anything what would it be?

The lottery numbers haha! On a serious note though I would tell myself not to be afraid to be me, have more confidence and try not to worry so much, during those anxious times don’t feel like you’re alone, ask for help because there are so many people that love you and want to be there for you, don’t hold yourself back, you’re stronger than you know, get yourself out there, you won’t regret it.

What do you currently have set as the wallpaper on your phone?

If you could do anything in the world as a legitimate job what would you do?

Oh gosh! I really love my job as a beauty therapist, I would love to one day have my own really successful business within the industry so I’d probably choose something like beauty therapist to the stars or something like that, have loads of amazing celebrity clients and work in an amazing setting!

Where is your favourite place in the world?

Other than home, has to be Cornwall, it’s one of my happy places and our favourite place to visit as a family. It’s beautiful and everything just feels so much calmer there.

So there’s a little more about me, i’m super excited for BlogOnX and hopefully making some lovely new friends, i’ll be so so nervous so if you see me than please come up and say hi, i’m super friendly! If you’re going to attending please leave me a comment and let me know, have a fantastic bank holiday weekend all!