It’s Ok To Talk About Miscarraige.

It’s Ok To Talk About Miscarraige.

Some days it will be tougher to put on a brave face, some days will be hard, right now it may feel like most days are a struggle and some times stepping out of that comfort zone will be difficult. Miscarraige is draining, both physically and mentally. Devastating.


Although it may not feel like it right now Time is a great healer.

It is ok to take the time needed to heal, don’t rush. It is ok to have ups and downs, It is ok to feel sad, for tears to fall, It is ok to reach out, to ask for help, It is ok to TALK.

Don’t feel like you have to keep it hidden, miscarraige doesn’t have to be a secret. It shouldn’t be so taboo. Talking, It’s not easy and it won’t solve everything but talking, it can really help.

I’m still learning this too

It’s ok.







Mental Health Awareness: My Story

Mental Health Awareness: My Story

Mental Health Awareness

This is a tough one, Although I really want to post this, I’ve put off writing it for days simply because I just don’t know where to begin! It’s a long post but it would mean a lot to me for you to stick with it to the end!

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