Living arrows {03.09.2018} Plans for a princess bedroom.

Living arrows {03.09.2018} Plans for a princess bedroom.

You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth.” – Kahlil Gibran.

Hello all! Hope you’re well. I’m so pleased to be linking up with the lovely Donna from What the Redhead said for this week’s living arrows. I’m aiming to be posting more regularly again on the blog from now on and living arrows has always been one of my favourite linkys to participate in. Documenting and sharing those big and little moments that capture the magic of childhood is such a positive and wonderful thing to enjoy and look back on.

We have some home improvement plans in the pipeline which i’m so very excited about and can’t wait to get stuck into. We’re planning to start on little monkeys room which currently has a very pretty pastel pink feature wall which I still absolutely love. So the plan of action is to remove the animal and flower wall stickers we put up a good couple of years ago, touch up the paint and introduce some cream and gold touches throughout. She is still very into Frozen and princesses which we’ll add in with the bedding and accessories.

So woth that in mind on Saturday 1st of September we took a quick trip to B&Q to pick up a couple of things for the garden, check out if they had anything we could use for little ones bedroom and to get some home decor inspiration. That’s where this week’s photos were taken.

Freya loves to get out and about, even if it is just a flying visit to a DIY store which she managed to find so much fun in during the visit, isn’t it just fantastic how kids do that, find the fun in everything, make the most of it! Even if she did give us a bit of a run around at times she had a great time and so made it much more enjoyable for us aswell!

She loved exploring through the flowers, spotting all the different colours.

Pulling funny faces in the big mirrors.

She was also quite keen on rearranging some of the stock on the shelves to the floor which Daddy then had to put back.

After leaving the store we had lunch alfresco and then headed back home. It turned out to be such a lovely morning out.

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